Jomelos Save Life Organization is a non-profit organization which has as aim to bring hope to orphans and deprived children in our continent Africa.

There are many children in Ghana today who have lost their parents because of HIV/Aids and other issues. There are many children in Africa who need help in order to survive. Part of Jomelos’ mission is to look for Foster Parents who want to support needy children, by a donation (either monthly or once) of any amount, which in turn will be used to support these children and give them the opportunity to have food, education and health services.

Jomelos  works in partnership with local hospitals, church communities, community leaders and volunteers. Jomelos’s staff members help the children deal with their daily issues and questions.

We believe that every child has a Talent which needs to be developed and carefully managed; if these children are to become socially balanced and productive. That’s why we have come out with an idea to build a Home and school for the orphans and street children under the care of Jomelos.

Our aim is not only to provide the children with quality education but also to encourage the other children who have talents to be creative. We also want to teach them practical skill such as gardening, cooking, carpentry, painting, sport and others. Jomelos values every talent that the children have.

Employee Of The Year was awarded to Emmanuel Owuso on the 8th January, 2020. He was recommended for his hard work and consistency over the year and was highly praised by management and staff of Jomelos.